Propane for Poultry Houses



Whether it be propane tanks, propane system engineering or propane prices, the DeClerk LP Gas Team is ready to help you get the best value for your poultry operation.

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Propane Tanks

We supply a 1,000 gallon propane tank for each poultry house. Deliveries are made by bobtail.

To receive a lower price per gallon, larger transports of 9,500 gallons can be delivered to an optional 18,000 gallon central storage tank.

 Propane System Engineering

Our trained plumbing experts will give you a complete analysis of the required plumbing size and type to supply adequate fuel from the tank to each poultry house. Besdies ourselves, there are certified plumbers readily available in our community who can handle your plumbing requirements.

 Propane Price

Your propane price per gallon can be fixed for the winter season and most other months as well. Be sure to call well in advance of needing your fuel, usually in the summer months for this service.

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