Propane-Fueled Irrigation Systems


Propane engines burn cleaner, require less oil changes and cost up to half that of a comparable diesel unit. The fuel savings alone will pay for a propane unit in a few years.

The propane industry is currently offering $400 per liter rebate incentive when you purchase a Tier 4 certified unit. That’s $2280 on a 5.7L engine. Limit of two per farm.

Irrigation is an energy-intensive farming operation. Owing to stricter emissions regulations and the substantial rise in the cost of gasoline and diesel in recent years, growers are exploring alternative fuels and taking steps to upgrade the overall efficiency of their irrigation systems.

Advanced propane-fueled stationary irrigation engines offer increased efficiency and reliability with reduced maintenance needs. Propane-fueled irrigation engines ensures that this cost-effective and efficient equipment can be sold to growers nationwide.

Key Benefits

  • Ensure reliable irrigation without grid-related power interruptions.
  • Eligible for sale in all 50 states after EPA and CARB emissions certification.
  • Reduce irrigation engine maintenance costs by decreasing deposits on engine components.
  • Produce up to 24 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline and 11 percent fewer GHG emissions than diesel engines.
  • Can cost up to 14 percent less to purchase and operate than diesel irrigation engines.
  • Consume about 4,000 to 10,000 gallons of propane per year, depending on engine size.
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I was needing to replace a diesel engine. I bought a 5.7 liter propane engine and it has performed well . The cost difference saved me almost $10,000, and saved more in fuel costs by burning lower priced propane…I saved about .75 to $1.00 per gallon. I expect to pay for the motor in fuel savings alone in a few years. Besides that I don’t have to change oil as often. Propane just burns clean.

-Greg Baltz – Pocahontas, AR

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