Propane Autogas Grabs Sales

By December 19, 2015Propane News

Propane autogas is garnering customers among fleets large and small, creating a buzz in the alternative fuel market and with fleet managers.

And when Dish Network, the Fortune 500 satellite TV provider, announced in the PERC booth at the Work Truck Show in March that it would begin operating 200 Roush CleanTech Ford E-250 propane-autogas cargo vans, national media outlets were listening.

Dish said it could save as much as $2,500 per vehicle annually on fuel costs by switching from gasoline to propane autogas.

Those numbers got attention.

The Reuters news service heard a good story and they jumped on it, putting together a solid piece that was picked up by the Chicago Tribune,, and numerous trade publications serving the fleet, automotive and alternative fuel market.

Look, we have a ways to go. Ask your neighbors about alternative fuel for vehicles and they might mention electric cars or CNG for trash trucks.

But the Dish news put propane autogas front and center with fleet managers across the country.

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