Propane Heating Systems – Which is Right for Your Home?

By December 20, 2016Residential Propane

There’s a propane-powered heating solution to fit any home. And don’t forget about radiant floor heating and space heating.

Affordable, efficient, economical to operate, and kind to the environment, propane-powered furnaces deliver premium comfort and value to homeowners.

  • Space heating for any size floor plan.
  • Rated from 90 percent to 98 percent efficient.
  • Smaller carbon footprint than most other systems.
  • Easily installed in tight spaces, they can also be vented a multitude of ways.

Propane boilers serve a variety of space- and water-heating applications, all while lowering energy costs and adding long-term value to homes.

  • Wide range of heating capacities, with inputs as high as 299,000 Btu/h.
  • Additional end use options include snow melt and zoned heating.
  • Many Energy Star rated boilers have efficiency ratings of at least 85 AFUE.
  • Many models can be wall-mounted, saving floor space.

For homeowners who are serious about ground or air source heat pump systems, a high-efficiency propane backup furnace offers:

  • Lower monthly energy costs than electric resistance heat.
  • Significantly lower CO2 emissions than electric resistance heat.
  • Easier installation, because hybrid systems require less underground pipe.

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  • A friend of mine has been thinking about getting a house with propane heating, but we weren’t sure about how he would benefit from it. It’s interesting that they actually can be used in any kind of floor plan! It would be nice to know that he won’t take up too much space in the end.

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