DeClerk LP Gas has been the premier provider for propane gas in Northeast Arkansas since 1938. We’ve provided energy for several homes and businesses throughout the areas we service. Throughout history, we’ve been proud to not only provide energy for our customers, but to be very involved in promoting the communities we serve.

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Our History

historyThe DeClerk LP Gas Company traces its founding all the way back to 1938 when rothers, A.C. (Ollie) DeClerk and Paul DeClerk, worked as an accountant and salesman, respectively, in Pocahontas, AR for a local appliance store. Soon thereafter, their entrepreneurial spirit took charge. They secured the local franchise for Electrolux kerosene refrigerators and began selling them in the Pocahontas and surrounding communities.

The DeClerk and DeClerk partnership had begun. After a short period a Little Rock salesman showed them how to convert the kerosene operating system to butane. Along with other butane burning appliances the DeClerk brothers began selling and installing underground butane tanks and making butane truck deliveries to their growing number of customers.

Butane gas gave way to propane in the years that followed because of propane’s greater ease of handling. In the early 1970’s three of Ollie’s sons went to work for him; and today his son Bill owns and operates the company under the name of DeClerk LP Gas.

Our Services

For Your Home

Propane provides home heating, hot water, and clean, efficient energy to every appliance in a house.

On Location Tanks

We rent and sell above ground and underground propane tanks and install them at your location. We have plenty of tanks, lines, and accessories to fit your needs. Please refer to our expertise in specialty plumbing and engineering for even more solutions.

Specialty Plumbing Engineering

We specialize in engineering and specifying the proper plumbing size and type for any system large or small, including system that require vaporization and large volume loads.

Backup Generator Systems

We also specialize in designing propane systems for backup generation. Along with standby generators already designed for propane, any gasoline portable generator can be converted to propane and hooked up to the large tank in your yard- ready to go to work if the electricity goes off; getting rid of the need to refill gasoline containers every few hours.

Propane Fire Logs

We offer a wide variety of propane firelogs and vent free heaters that add value to your home and reduces your annual propane bill. These also work when the lights go out.

Water Heating Solutions

We will help you select the right water heater for you needs. Today’s propane water heaters with tanks will run even when the electricity goes off.

Safeguard Your Home or Business

If you want to stay in your home or continue operating your business when the electricity goes off, you should investigate how propane can safeguard your investment with a backup generator and appliances that don’t need electricity to run.

A list of appliances not needing electricity are: Propane Firelogs Ventless Heaters Water Heaters Cook Tops (Ranges) Propane Gas Lights Gas grills

Non-polluting Propane is the only financially viable answer for America to become independent of foreign oil.

On The Farm

Innovative propane technology can power engines, heat buildings, control pets and ultimately lead to a more productive and efficient harvest.

Propane for Poultry Houses

We supply a 1,000 gallon propane tank for each poultry house. Deliveries are made by bobtail. DeClerk LP Gas is ready to help you get the best value for your poultry operation.

Propane Powered Irrigation Engines

Propane engines burn cleaner, require less oil changes and cost up to half that of a comparable diesel unit. The fuel savings alone will pay for a propane unit in a few years.

Propane Displacement Injector

By displacing up to 50% of the diesel with lower priced propane, fuel costs can be reduced by as much as $1.50 per gallon. PDDI improves the performance of the diesel engine, reduces oil changes and saves money.

For Automotives

Vehicles fueled by propane, the most widely used alternative fuel, emit fewer harmful emissions and are supported by a robust refueling infrastructure.

Propane vehicle conversions brings reliable, low-emission vehicles and equipment  that were originally designed to operate on gasoline or diesel to fleets, industry, and the everyday driver. These innovative trucks, vans, buses, and other vehicles and equipment can provide public transportation, expedite manufacturing operations, and serve as personal vehicles while in many cases producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline or diesel options.

Autogas is the perfect solution for not only light/medium duty trucks and other vehicles, but forklifts, lawn & garden mowers, buses and other fleet.

For Construction

Flexible, efficient, and available anywhere, propane is the energy source of chose for building improvements as well as new home construction.

Building with propane means you are not at the mercy of a public utility. And with the option of aboveground or underground storage tanks, propane professionals can install and connect home appliances and other applications on your schedule. Propane also provides job-site flexibility by providing gas energy for portable generators and temporary construction heaters.

Other benefits of building with Propane include:

  • It’s clean energy.  Propane gives off less than half of the greenhouse gas emissions that electricity does, considering that most of the nation’s electric power is fueled by coal-fired power plants.
  • It reduces energy costs. Propane appliances are typically far more efficient than their electric counterparts.
  • It supports modern lifestyles. Propane provides your customers with the ability to choose first-rate amenities regardless of where they live. Propane space heating is available in both forced-air and hydronic forms, and it  doesn’t depend on the availability of natural gas or electricity. And, propane generators can provide peace of mind for customers in locations that experience rolling blackouts or frequent storm-related power outages.

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