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Propane Heating Systems – Which is Right for Your Home?

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There’s a propane-powered heating solution to fit any home. And don’t forget about radiant floor heating and space heating.

Affordable, efficient, economical to operate, and kind to the environment, propane-powered furnaces deliver premium comfort and value to homeowners.

  • Space heating for any size floor plan.
  • Rated from 90 percent to 98 percent efficient.
  • Smaller carbon footprint than most other systems.
  • Easily installed in tight spaces, they can also be vented a multitude of ways.

Propane boilers serve a variety of space- and water-heating applications, all while lowering energy costs and adding long-term value to homes.

  • Wide range of heating capacities, with inputs as high as 299,000 Btu/h.
  • Additional end use options include snow melt and zoned heating.
  • Many Energy Star rated boilers have efficiency ratings of at least 85 AFUE.
  • Many models can be wall-mounted, saving floor space.

For homeowners who are serious about ground or air source heat pump systems, a high-efficiency propane backup furnace offers:

  • Lower monthly energy costs than electric resistance heat.
  • Significantly lower CO2 emissions than electric resistance heat.
  • Easier installation, because hybrid systems require less underground pipe.